It's my Birthday.....Whoo-ray!

Birthdays are very special days here in Pre-k, and I love to celebrate them with my class.  I will send home a birthday bag with your child a few days before their birthday.  (For those students whose birthday falls during the summer, we will celebrate their half birthday.  If your child's birthday happens to fall during one of our breaks, we will celebrate when we return to school.)  

On their special day, your child will bring the following to school:

1. Their favorite book.

2. 16 Healthy snack treats, to be shared with the class.  (Sorry, but due to district policy all items must be store bought.  Also donuts, cake and cupcakes are not permitted. ) Your child's favorite fruit snacks, fresh fruits or vegetables are some great alternatives. 

3. Completed "All About Me" poster- a blank one will be included in the bag.  Children can work together with their families to create a special poster to share with the class.    You can use photos, crayons, markers, stickers, just about anything.  Let your imaginations run wild!

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